About us


We don’t settle down. We always strive for more. We take what we have and we make it into what we want to have. We listen and watch. We create wall art that is ready to challenge the stereotypes. We only create products we would use ourselves. Because we stand for everything we create. We make them with love, and wear them with pride. 

Thesys Seven was born from our desire to set a different tone to home decoration. Across our sub-brands Mocca, Alphabit and Pi, we give path to the various styles we love to create.


Mocca is our secret love, because just as we love designing art digitally, we love to use what were given by our parents: our hands. In Mocca, we use watercolor inks and our quirky imagination to create cute, bold, beautiful wall art you would love to see on your own wall, or give it to your friend as a gift.



In Alphabit, we take our love for literature and grammar. We utilize the power of words and hence empower you to make a difference. We use evocative words and phrases and put them in digitally designed graphics touched with geometric elements.

PibigIn Pi, we show our love for the Unknown, for places Mankind has never been before, but always dreams to reach. Pi is our admiration for Space.

No matter if you fall in love with our main line or our sub-brands, we guarantee you will feel like no other. People will ask, what is this print on your wall? Share your secret or keep it for yourself, it’s up to you. But you will be proud. And that makes us happy.