Silent Parenting Through Decor

Silent Parenting Through Decor
July 14, 2016 Thesys Seven
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In decorating a family abode, we often direct our focus beyond simply creating a living space – we focus on creating a home . This is the environment where you’ll watch movies together, where you’ll share meals together, and where your children will grow. This is the environment that will shape your memories. So the details of your family home…well, they’re pretty important.

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That’s why, when it comes to your children’s rooms, you have to make equally wise decor choices. Because these choices mean something. This is the environment where your children will spend time alone, where they’ll develop on their own, and where their imaginations have free rein. Through decor, you have the opportunity to silently influence these private moments. These choices present you with the unique parenting opportunity to promote and steer your children’s personal growth in a variety of ways.


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First, there’s your choice of color. Studies show that white decor encourages calmness and relaxation in children, while adding hints or splashes of color to the pale interiors bring out openness. That’s why we’ve focused the kids’ designs in our Mocca collection on simplistic prints featuring monochromatic colors with subtle yet complementary gold accents. The designs have the perfect balance of whites, blacks, and metallics that will bring order to your kids’ minds without overwhelming their private space.

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In fact, keeping their space relatively bare is a virtue in and of itself. The more distractions and clutter in children’s rooms, the more they become prone to distraction and hindered performance levels. Keeping your kids’ attention levels at bay is both a science and an art. While it may take time to master the formula, the art can be as simple as controlling the look and feel of their rooms. Targeting these sort of matters at the most basic of levels can play a huge role in shaping your children as they grow and as those levels become more advanced.


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Just as minimalist interiors can improve your children’s focus, minimalist forms can too. So, we make sure that our designs and materials follow suit. Thesys Seven’s Mocca prints help to regulate your kids’ emotions and stimulate their perceptions through maintaining round, handdrawn shapes on smooth Giclée printed paper surfaces. These prints are imaginative enough to promote creativity, yet simple enough (in both design and surface) to avoid creating any sort of overwhelming visual chaos.

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Dr. Octo, the Sensational

Striving to evade any sort of visual chaos may have you questioning why you should decorate your children’s rooms at all. The answer is as plain and simple as your decor should be: because experiencing visual art assists with pediatric learning. While colors, quantities, and qualities can affect the way that kids learn, the mere exposure to design helps your children better understand their language and their world. Most importantly, at such a young age, your children are impressionable. As a parent, it’s important to capitalize on that through any channel available. And with calming, creative, and cute handdrawn wall prints, you’re truly making the most of this opportunity.


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