Anchor your Dreams
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Anchor your Dreams

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We at Thesys Seven see life as an ever-lasting fight to reach the balance between dreams that can happen, and dreams that will most likely remain dreams. Our goal with this design was to show how important it is to stick to our plans so we can make most our dreams come true. The clouds represent our dreams, and the anchor represents the bond between dreams and reality. If the bond is broken, our dreams will never materialize. This illustration is a reminder that dreams were meant to be lived.

This thought-provoking painting is the perfect fit for the wall of a dreamer as a reminder to stick to her dreams. We strongly recommend it as a graduation gift too, as we tend to dream the most when we are finally done with school. We know, we were there. And we loved it!

The original artwork was hand-painted using watercolor inks, this product is a premium quality Giclée reproduction printed on 260g semi-gloss Hahnemüle photo paper.

Please note that a frame is not included in this listing. Due to your monitor settings and light conditions, the artwork you see on your screen may slightly differ from the printed product.

Available in standard A5, A4, A3 and A2 sizes for easy framing.


Fred is still young, fresh out from university and is about to land his first job. But he already knows what really matters in life: family. And he will want to give them everything. He learned this at home. To make his dreams come true, he knows he has to take action today already. He has to work hard to turn his dreams into reality. Because dreams take time to materialize. It takes focus, endurance and an everlasting sense of dedication. Dreams cannot just float around in your head. You have to set them in stone. Think as yourself as the ship, and your dreams as the ballast. You have bind yourself to the ballast. You have to anchor your dreams.

The Printer

All our prints are Giclée reproductions of our original watercolor paintings and digital graphics. The artwork is printed with a Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer, using the leading Lucia 4 ink technology to achieve brilliant color space, superb color accuracy, excellent color graduation, longetivity and fade-resistance. If you like numbers, then you should know that this beast uses twelve colors with a droplet size of 4 picoliters (1 picoliters = 1 trillionth of a liter) and the printheads contain 2560 nozzles for each colors. In short, quality is unparalleled.

The Paper

Our premium quality Giclée prints are printed on top-class semi-gloss 260g photo-grade paper made by Hahnemüle, the world leader in premium photo paper manufacturing. Hahnemüle was founded in 1584 and have a long-standing tradition in producing the ideal surface for digital and traditional art printing.


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