En Route to Paradise
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En Route to Paradise


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The power of words can never be underestimated. If words are written down, they almost become hard-coded, their meaning multiplies two-fold. When designing En route to Paradise, we wanted to use this strength of words to convey a positive message. “Always look to the skies, and you will end up with wings”. This uplifting and motivational line, accompanied with a hand painted watercolor illustration is a great fit into any girls’ wardrobe, be young or old, be already happy or happy-want-to-be (we hope the former).

– Made of 100% organic, GOTS certified cotton
– Medium fit: cut for the shape of women, not too slim but not too boxy either, just as your favorite tee should be
– Deep round neck

Our model is 1.7m and is wearing a size S Thesys Seven t-shirt. Please check out the Size Chart for the exact measures of the tee.

Ginny was always different from her classmates. She was always full of joy and life. She was the kind who always had a smile on her face, and you couldn’t help but smile back when you saw her. You know that kind. People said when she grows up she will be just like everybody else: wary about the weight of life. But Ginny has never changed. She is just as cheerful as she has always been. One day a woman asked her: „Ginny, how come you are never sad? How come you never feel down? What is your secret?” Ginny was thinking for a second, then replied: „Life is all about contradictions, and these contradictions balance each other. There is good and bad and there is right and left. When you feel down, you have to look up. If you always look up, you will never feel down. It’s simple.” „What does it feel like to live like that?” – The woman asked. Ginny smiled for a moment, then said: „It’s like I have a guaranteed route to Paradise”.

The Printing Technique

We use state of the art digital technology to print our apparel. The technique is called Direct to Garment printing, it is the latest invention in the apparel printing industry and is believed to take over outdated rival techniques in the near future. The prints has an extremely soft feel and since the ink goes into the fibers directly, the garment will breathe like there was nothing printed on it. We only use environmentally friendly inks.

The Garments We Use

For our tops we use premium quality, 100% ring-spun cotton garments only. We only use organic cotton across all our textile products, those were processed by ethical employers.

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